Golf Wichita Winter Rotation Schedule
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Winter Rotation Schedule

​Wichita Public Golf Courses will close one course each week while the remaining three courses are open for play, November 2, 2019 - February 21, 2020. Tee time can be booked by calling any golf course, visiting or using the Golf Wichita app. Maintenance staff will continue to work on the grounds during this process ensuring staff are always onsite. The golf division is an enterprise fund that operates solely on the dollars earned through green fees, cart rentals, food and beverage sales and more. During the cold season a business that is so weather dependent has to adapt and find ways to cut costs, and this closure rotation allows the golf division to reduce expenses, save money and keep the enterprise fund afloat until spring.

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Date ​Auburn Hills ​MacDonald Park ​Arthur B. Sim ​Tex Consolver
​November 2-8 Closed​ Open​ Open​ Open​
​November 9-15 Open​ Closed​ Open​ Open​
​November 16-22 Open​ Open​ Open​ Closed​
​November 23-29 (all courses closed November 28, Thanksgiving Day) Open​ Open​ Closed​ Open​
​November 30-December 6 Closed​ Open​ Open​ Open​
December 7​-13 Open​ Closed​ Open​ Open​
​December 14-20 Open​ Open​ Closed​ Open​
​December 21-27 (all courses closed December 25, Christmas Day) Open​ Open​ Open​ Closed​
​December 28-January 3 (all courses closed January 1, New Year's Day) Closed​ Open​ Open​ Open​
​January 4-10 Open​ Closed​ Open​ Open​
​January 11-17 Open​ Open​ Open​ Closed​
​January 18-24 Open​ Open​ Closed​ Open​
​January 25-31 Closed​ Open​ Open​ Open​
​February 1-7 Open​ Closed​ Open​ Open​
​February 8-14 Open​ Open​ Open​ Closed​
​February 15-21 Open​ Open​ Closed​ Open​