Golf Wichita RFP Proposals
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RFP Proposals

​The City of Wichita is currently in the process of considering proposals for professional management of the four municipal golf courses.

RFP Finalists

The four professional management companies listed below were interviewed by a selection committee consisting of City staff and stakeholders on October 28, 2021. The selection committee selected Kemper Sports as their recommendation.

collapse Company : Indigo ‎(2)
Indigo Phase 1 Response.pdfIndigo Phase 1 Response
Indigo Phase 2 Response.pdfIndigo Phase 2 Response
collapse Company : Kemper Sports ‎(2)
KemperSports Phase 1 Response.pdfKemperSports Phase 1 Response
KemperSports Phase 2 Response.pdfKemperSports Phase 2 Response
collapse Company : Landscapes Golf Management ‎(2)
LGM Phase 1 Response.pdfLGM Phase 1 Response
LGM Phase 2 Response.pdfLGM Phase 2 Response
collapse Company : Orion ‎(2)
Orion Management Solutions Phase 1 response.pdfOrion Management Solutions Phase 1 response
Orion Management Solutions Phase 2 response.pdfOrion Management Solutions Phase 2 response

Minimum Maintenance

Golf Advisory Committee and Park Board of Commissioners worked with staff to ensure that the contract included a comprehensive set of standards that perfomance will be measured by.

Minimum Maintenance Standards to Scope of Work of Services - Buildings and Golf Courses

​Discuss the RFP Selection Process on Forum

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The City recently launched a discussion about the Golf Wichita Managed Services RFP on Forum, to help educate and inform the public about the RFP and selection process. Learn more and join the conversation on Forum.