Golf Wichita COVID-19 Updates
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COVID-19 Updates

Effective June 22, Golf Wichita will reduce restrictions at Auburn Hills, Tex Consolver, Arthur B. Sim and MacDonald Golf Courses.

  • Clubhouses are restricted to no more than 15 people at one time

  • All payment methods will be accepted: cash, credit, debit and gift cards

  • It is recommended that all golfers practice social distancing when possible>

  • Tee times must be booked in advance at or by phone. Walk-ins will be allowed based on availability

  • Up to five golfers per tee time

  • Tee times will be scheduled at 10 minute intervals

  • Pulling flags from holes will be allowed

  • Scorecards and pencils will be available

  • Ball washers, bunker rakes, benches, bag stands, water coolers on the course and drinking fountains in the clubhouses will be available

  • Fountain soda and cups of ice water will be available, but no refills

  • On course restrooms will be available

  • Our loyalty program in the Golf Wichita app will resume

Golf cart rentals for single and double riders will be allowed. Walking during the round is still permitted.

The merchandise stores will be operating as normal.

In the clubhouses, restrooms are open and sanitized regularly. Concession food will be sold consisting of bottled drinks, beer, prepackaged food items, hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. Staff will adhere to proper food-handling safety guidelines for preparation and delivery of food. Dining in the clubhouses is permitted.

Golf Wichita would like to remind golfers the tee sheets open seven days out. Plan your golf outing in advance to ensure you can book a tee time. Also, if you no longer need a tee time that you have booked, please cancel the tee time to be considerate of the other golfers trying to book and play.

Thank you, and stay safe!