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Membership agreements submitted after 12pm Friday, June 26 will not be processed until after 12pm Wednesday, July 1, thank you.

​Golf Wichita is excited to now offer memberships to golfers in our community! Choose an age appropriate membership and never pay a green fee when you play at any one of our courses. Why spend money on a membership that is limited to one course, when ours works for multiple courses and is a great value!

Memberships are sold as an annual agreement and paid by monthly bank withdrawal. There are no co-pays or time or day restrictions with a membership. Memberships will only be sold online, clubhouse purchases are not permitted. To purchase a membership click on the button next to the age appropriate membership. Complete the membership agreement. Two business days are required for processing. Any submissions after 12pm on Friday will not be processed until the next business day. A member card and activation directions for your first tee time will be mailed to your address.

Golfers must check-in at the clubhouse before every round. Please keep your receipt for your round on you while golfing that day, staff on the course will spot check to ensure golfers are checking in at the clubhouse.

As a member it is your responsibility to notify the Golf Division if your banking account information should change. Please resubmit the membership agreement with the updated bank account information if your bank or account number should change from what you submitted initially. ACH payments rejected by a bank will be a $40 fee for the member. For additional questions please call 316-268-GOLF.

Become a New Member Update Bank Information

Memberships ​Age Requirement
​Monthly Fee
17 and under $10.20
Young Adult ​ 18-33 $66.30
​Adult ​34-61 $102
Couples​ ​18 and over
​62 and over $56.10

If the membership agreement is processed after the 15th of the month, you will only be charged half price for the first month of your membership.

"The new membership check-in is great! So much faster getting in and out of the clubhouse!"

Travis Clifton

"Signing up for a new City of Wichita Golf membership was a simple and efficient 1-2-3 step process that took no more than a few minutes to complete."

Bart Patterson

Driving Range

Spend time on one of our driving ranges practicing your long game! Take advantage of a driving range pass, receive two large buckets a day, every day of the year! Buckets will be loaded to the customer account for the range pass holder to use. Driving range pass is offered at Auburn Hills, Tex Consolver and coming soon to MacDonald!

Range Pass Fee Purchase
​750 Buckets ​$325 Purchase Online

Terms and Conditions

Every new membership has a one year commitment and will continue month to month starting in 13th month from inception. The membership may only be used by the purchaser, and by the registered partner for Couples membership. The purchase of a membership allows holders to play any of the Golf Wichita Courses without paying green fees. Purchase of a membership does not guarantee the availability of tee times nor does it provide for any special reservation privileges. Memberships cannot be used when playing in events/tournaments. A “Couple” is defined as two named adults living in the same home. An equipment replacement fund charge of $37 will be processed every November. All Juniors memberships will be exempt from the annual charge. All memberships are subject to a 2% annual increase starting in July 2020 and every year moving forward.


Cancel your membership and stop ACH reoccurring payments. Please be aware it takes five business days to complete the cancellation process.