Wichita Public Golf Courses
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Upcoming Events
  • Shamrock Scramble

    Mar 16, 9am
    Auburn Hills

  • Aeration at MacDonald

    March 26-27,

  • Tex Turmoil

    April 6, 9am
    Tex Consolver

  • Aeration at Auburn Hills

    April 9-10,
    Auburn Hills

  • Junior Appreciation Day Celebrating Wichita Junior Golf 50th Anniversary

    April 13, 1-5pm
    Tex Consolver

  • Aeration at Tex Consolver

    April 16-17,
    Tex Consolver

  • Aeration at Arthur B. Sim

    April 23-24,
    Arthur B. Sim

  • Golfer Appreciation Day

    May 11, 1-5pm
    Tex Consolver

  • Folds of Honor

    May 27, 9am
    Auburn Hills

  • 36-Hole Challenge

    June 29, 9am
    Arthur B. Sim

  • Tex 2-Man Shoot-Out

    July 14, 8am
    Tex Consolver

  • Parent-Junior Tournament

    July 28, 2pm

  • Beat the Pros

    September 28, 9am
    Arthur B. Sim

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Come experience the four high-quality courses conveniently located throughout the city. Golfers may choose from a variety of unique course layouts that offer challenges for all skill levels. While browsing through the site, you will discover that Wichita Public Golf Courses has affordable prices, promotions, lessons, flexible tee-time schedules and a new convenient booking system. Thank you for visiting Golfwichita.com!