Wichita Junior Golf Foundation

​​​​​​​Wichita Junior Golf Foundation teaches kids, ages 10-18 the rules and basic skills of golf. It is an eight-week summer program held Monday and Tuesday mornings in June and July. The program is offered at five Wichita Public Golf Courses. Two courses are dedicated to beginners. The Foundation pays green fees, subsidizes the lessons, furnishes equipment if needed, and provides the program, leaders and instructors.



Register online April 1-23.​

Regular sign up May 1 at the courses!

Boys and girls 10-18 years old are eligible to participate in the Wichita Junior Golf program. The junior must be 10 no later than August 31 of the current year.​​

A 10 year old junior golfer must enroll in a beginner program at either Auburn Hills or L.W. Clapp. Both beginner programs will play on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

The first year a junior golfer enrolls in the program, he/she must enroll in one of the beginner programs. The east beginner program is held at L.W. Clapp and west is at Auburn Hills.

Junior golfers who wish to transfer from another junior golf program and are older than 10 years of age, may enroll at one of the following courses: MacDonald, Arthur B. Sim, L.W. Clapp, and Tex Consolver. All of these programs play on Mondays.

The beginners program provides instruction in rules and etiquette, chipping, putting and the full swing. One class day is spent on the golf course for 3-holes of play. The junior golfer spends only one summer in the beginners program and advances the next summer to one of the other four golf courses.

In the regular program, the junior golfers play on the course every Monday. Scores are recorded to determine the junior's advancement in the program to reach the 18-hole level. Instruction in rules and etiquette and golf skills are also given every week. The 18-hole group has the opportunity to be involved in team play with juniors from the other courses.


Our History

Before the inauguration of the Wichita Junior Golf Foundation's program at the public courses, junior golf was limited to Marilyn Linn at Arthur B. Sim Golf Course and Lila Adamson at MacDonald Golf Course organizing play days for juniors who already played golf. There was no professional instruction and the juniors paid all their own fees.​​

In 1974, Marge and Bob Page, Marilyn Linn, Lila Adamson and Velda Warden worked together to develop junior golf at all public courses. They secured access to the courses, approval of the golf pros and developed the framework and financing. Leaders were obtained from volunteers in the community.

Originally the program was offered at ten courses. Three privately owned courses developed their own junior programs after years of affiliation with the Foundation.

It is conservatively estimated that over twenty-six thousand juniors have participated in the Foundation's program.

The Foundation charges an enrollment fee of twenty dollars. This fee covers the expense of the green fees and instruction by the golf course staff. The junior has no other fees during the program.

The program has been financed by the generosity of business firms and individuals of the community. The Foundation has been honored with over three hundred memorials and endowments. The interest derived from the investments guarantees that the junior golf program will continue.

The hundreds of volunteers are the ultimate reason that the program has been a success in accomplishing the goals of the Foundation. 


Our Purpose

"The purpose of the Wichita Junior Golf Foundation shall be to mold the entire child into a mature, responsible person who respects friendship, honesty, and etiquette using the game of golf as the molding tool at a public golf course in Sedgwick County, Kansas."


Sign Up

Only a parent, grandparent or guardian may sign up a junior golfer. No one can sign up a friend's child. The cost of the program is $20 for the eight-week session. All juniors 10-18 years of age who are new to the program must enroll in the beginners program. Every junior golfer must have a completed medical release turned in to participate. Contact us with any questions.

Registration​ Form​ Medical Release Form

​Program Location​ Address​ Dates​ Time​
​Beginners West ​Auburn Hills ​443 S. 135th West ​Monday, May 1 ​6:30-untill full
Beginners East​ ​L.W. Clapp ​4611 E. Harry ​Monday, May 1 ​6:30-untill full
​3, 5, 9 and 18-Hole ​L.W. Clapp ​4611 E. Harry ​Monday, May 1 ​6:30-untill full
​5, 9 and 18-Hole ​Tex Consolver ​1931 S. Tyler ​Monday, May 1 ​6:30-untill full
​5, 9 and 18-Hole ​MacDonald ​840 N. Yale ​Monday, May 1 ​6:30-untill full
​5, 9 and 18-Hole ​Arthur B. Sim ​2020 W. Murdock ​Monday, May 1 ​​6:30-untill full​​​​


Each year college scholarships are awarded to young persons who have been involved in the Junior Golf Program for at least four years. The monetary amount depends on the number of applicants and the quality of the written section. Junior golfers are eligible to apply upon completion of their junior year in high school.

Applications are judged based on answers to essay questions, leadership, and years in the program, with financial need being the last criteria.

Please keep this scholarship possibility in mind as you participate in Junior Golf. Perhaps it will be a goal to which you aspire.

Applications are due no later than, September 1.

Scholarship Application Form​​


How to Help


The Wichita Junior Golf Program is conducted by volunteers who provide the opportunity to juniors to learn the rules, etiquette and skills of golf. We need volunteers to:

  • share basic knowledge of putting and chipping with beginners
  • supervise young golfers on the golf course
  • assist leaders with the program as needed

Contact us for details or to register as a volunteer.


The Wichita Junior Golf Foundation is a non-profit organization that is funded by donations from individuals and business firms, memorials and endowments. To establish a memorial, contact us​.

Send memorial contributions to:

Wichita Junior Golf Foundation
58 E. Via Verde St.
Wichita, KS 67230​


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