Golf Wichita SNAG: Starting New at Golf
SNAG: Starting New at Golf


SNAG is the best first touch program to effectively teach the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels.

SNAG contains all the elements of golf, but in a modified form, making it an easy and fun way to play and learn the game.

Sessions are four weeks. Each class is one hour, the entire session costs $30.​

​Day ​Course ​Date ​Ages ​Time Registration
​​Session 1
​Tuesday Auburn Hills ​April 4-25 ​10 & Over ​6:30-7:30pm Register Online
​Wednesday ​MacDonald ​April 5-26 ​9 & Under ​6:30-7:30pm Register Online
​​Session 2​
​Tuesday Arthur B. Sim ​June 6-27 ​10 & Over ​6:30-7:30pm Register Online
​Thursday ​Tex Consolver ​June 8-29 ​9 & Under ​​6:30-7:30pm​​ Register Online
​​Session 3
​Tuesday ​L.W. Clapp September 5-26 ​9 & Under ​6:30-7:30pm Register Online
​Thursday ​Tex Consolver ​September 7-28 ​10 & Over ​​6:30-7:30pm​​ Register Online
​​Session 4
​Tuesday Auburn Hills October 3-24 ​9 & Under ​6-7pm Register Online
Wednesday ​MacDonald October 4-25 ​10 & Over ​​​6-7pm​​​​ Register Online

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