Golf Wichita PGA Junior League
PGA Junior League

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wichita Public Golf Courses are hosting PGA Junior League Golf for the second year. PGA Professionals at the Wichita Public Golf Courses- Arthur B. Sim, MacDonald and Tex Consolver - are offering the program for boys and girls ages 13 and under. Each of the facilities will field a team consisting of 14 members, which makes up the league. Online registration is open at, and no prior golf experience is required to participate.

PGA Jr. League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls to learn and enjoy the game of golf under the direction of PGA Professionals who serve as team captains. Much like other recreational league sports, kids wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends. In 2015, a record 30,000 boys and girls participated on 2,500 PGA Junior League Golf teams nationwide.

Teams play four, nine-hole matches in a two-person scramble format for competition, reinforcing the team concept and creating a nurturing environment for learning the game. Team captains can substitute players every three holes, so that all of the golfers on each team can participate. 


Registration cost is $150, which includes team jerseys, practices, lessons and matches. To register for the teams, visit, click "Sign Up" and search by zip code to find the facility and team near you. You can also follow the below links to the sign-up page for each corresponding facility. Registration deadline is Sunday, May 14.

Practices will begin the week of May 15-19. Matches will begin the first week of June (5-11). Once you register, the coach will email you to introduce himself and give you information about the league and approximately when the kick-off meeting for parents will be held.

​Course ​Team Captain ​​Registration


​Arthur B. Sim Golf Course
2020 W Murdock

Brian Keith Gunter, PGA​ ​Register online


MacDonald Golf Course
840 N Yale

​Tom Monahan, PGA Register online


Tex Consolver Golf Course
1931 S Tyler

​Steve Blaske, PGA
​​Register online​​​