Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Rental

Q: How late can the event last?
A: 10pm. Start time will be listed in the contract, is when the client arrives and it determines the rental time to charge.

Q: Do I need to rent tables and chairs?
A: Auburn Hills will supply all of the tables and chairs inside, for the reception. Chairs for the ceremony must be rented from Auburn Hills or another vendor. If rented from an outside vendor it is the clients responsibility to set-up the chairs.

Q: What are the dimensions of your tables?
A: Tables are rectangular, 6' x 2'.

Q: Does the clean-up time count as part of our rental time?
A: All guests must exit the venue at 10 pm, no exceptions. The client can remain until 10:30 pm removing décor from the facility that they have brought in or if no other event is scheduled at Auburn Hills the client can return in the morning no later than 12 pm to remove all décor not being thrown away. Auburn Hills will throw away trash, break down tables and chairs.

Q: Does Auburn Hills decorate for me?
A: No, the client must handle all decorating. If no event is scheduled the day before, you may decorate anytime between 8 am – 5 pm or pay extra venue time to block of the date and ensure you can come in and decorate. Otherwise decorating would have to be done morning of the event.

Q: Can we have our rehearsal onsite?
A: If the rehearsal is completed in the decorating time frame of 8 am – 5 pm there is no additional charge for the venue. If it is done after 5 pm, venue rental charges will added to the contract.




Q: Can we bring in our own food or have another company cater it?
A: No, all food must be purchased from Auburn Hills. We do allow you to bring in desserts: cake, pie, cupcakes, wedding balls, candy and nuts.

Q: How many appetizer trays should I order?
A: Each appetizer tray feeds approximately 25 people. Based on this number we recommend for every 50 guests you should order 4 trays. Please keep in mind some trays will feed more than 25 people and we don’t know your guests appetite like you do, so this number can vary.

Q: If I select the 2 entrée, 2 side option does that mean my guests get both entrees?
A: No, this means your guests will have to choose one or the other. We suggest when mailing out the invitations on the RSVP card have the dinner option listed for the guest to select before mailing back to you. You are required to notify Auburn Hills with a final entrée count one week prior to your event when the final payment is due.

Q: If there is left over food, can we take it home?
A: Absolutely! We will even box it up for you. You are welcome to bring storage containers from home as well, otherwise we send it home in to-go containers.



Q: Can we have liquor at the event?
A: No, we only have a Cereal Malt Beverage license, which means we can only have beer and wine coolers on the premises. No liquor, wine or champagne. Also, we do not allow outside bartending services/companies.

Q: If we order one keg and it runs out would we be able to purchase another during the event?
A: No, we order kegs and barrels per each event. We do not keep extras on hand. When ordering your kegs or barrels determine if you want to order an extra just in case or turn it into a cash bar and let your guests pay for drinks once they have gone through the keg you have provided.

Q: If there is beer left over in the keg or wine coolers left over, can we take them home?
A: No, malt beverages cannot leave the venue under any circumstances.



Q: Can the ceremony count as part of my rental charge?
A: No, there ceremony is an additional $150.

Q: Do you provide chairs for the ceremony?
A: Chairs for the ceremony are $3 per chair if rented through Auburn Hills, they are black. You do not have to use our chairs, you are able to rent from an outside vendor but will be responsible for set up and tear down if you go that route.

Q: How big is your dance floor?
A: 15 feet x 12 feet.


Booking the Venue

Q: Can I reserve the date without signing a contract?
A: No, contract must be signed and a deposit of 10% or $200 (whichever is greater) must be collected before the date is locked in.

Q: Do I have to pay the entire amount all at once?
A: No, we require a deposit of 10% or $200 (whichever is greater), then you are allowed to make payments as often as you like or pay off the remaining balance one week prior to your event.

Q: Can I alter my contract?
A: You can alter your contract (rental time or menu) up until one week prior to the event. At that time the contract is locked and no changes can be made, especially food. ​